Sales Funnels Work

May 14, 2020

My husband and I both wear glasses and love the cheap options available online. I have ordered from several sites, and have found that has great prices (even if its site is terrible in comparison to its competition). Recently, they ran a “59% off your entire order” offer and we jumped at the chance to get some new glasses (including prescription blue blockers and sunglasses). I really wanted clear-framed glasses and although I didn’t find exactly what I wanted, I did find some I think might work. I went ahead and ordered.

After my purchase, I searched “clear frames” on google. Low and behold, Zenni Optical, a company with a fantastic website and good reviews, has EXACTLY the glasses I want… for $15 including the lenses (less than what I paid for the 59% off deal at googles4u). How disappointing that I just spent more on something I wanted less.

Here’s why it happened: I am in googles4u’s sales funnel. I receive emails from them constantly. When I see a good sale that corresponds to when I need some new specs, I buy them. I’ve stopped even shopping at the other sites.