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StiKora Jewelry

The Problem

StiKora is owned by Jennifer, a master jeweler who created a line of one-of-a-kind jewelry. When Jennifer approached large marketing agencies, she found that they were not interested in working with a small start-up, leaving her frustrated and unsure where to turn.

Jennifer was a fan of StoryBrand, but like many business owners, she had trouble describing her business in a winsome way. It was important to her to tell a brand story that aligns with her values.

As a small business owner, I felt put off by big advertising companies that seemed to have no interest in what I do or why I do it. I submitted my old website for review to Pula Advertising and was blown away to get feedback via video response within a few days. Laura took time to get to know me, my product, and my values, which helped to create a website that reflected my goals in business and life. I am very pleased with our finished product.
Jennifer Sexton

Owner, GIA Certified Gemologist, StiKora

The Solution

We worked with StiKora to develop an entirely new brand identity, message, website, sales funnel, and online store. All of the pieces work together to create a cohesive story of beauty, peace, and quality which connects well with StiKora’s customers.

The Results

A website ready to grow with StiKora Jewelry and an eCommerce site and sales funnel to do the work of selling so Jennifer can focus on creating the beautiful pieces her customers love.