The Problem

Mega Pave was looking to advertise on other platforms besides traditional media. They needed a new way to be easily accessible and showcase their work.

Before working with Laura, we were only advertising in newspapers and roadsides. Laura built a website for us and all of a sudden we could reach new clients, areas and places, which changed our brand completely. We were now one of the major quality players, and Laura helped us showcase that on our website. We have since been specified as preferred suppliers in our market. We have been really blessed to have Laura as part of our team and the innovation, vision and drive she brought was amazing.

Hugo Naude

Director, Mega Pave, Botswana

The Solution

We built Mega Pave a brand new site where new customers could quickly access their contact information and view their products and services. We also did Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help them rank higher in searches relating to their offering.

The Results

A brand new website that helped Mega Pave expand their reach and grow their business.