Fostering Quality Schools

The Problem

Joe was getting ready launch Fostering Quality Schools and needed a messaging and marketing plan.

I decided to start my own consulting company in the middle of the COVID shutdown. My first action was to attend a StoryBrand live two-day event and I was fortunate to meet my Certified Guide, Laura. Laura walked me through the process of perfecting my brandscript. She used this messaging to build my first website from scratch. We launched the business in June 2020 and I haven’t looked back. Laura is incredible and it’s great to work with her.
Joseph Sassone

Fostering Quality Schools

The Solution

We developed a message for his target customers and created a website that could grow with the company. Then, we trained the Fostering Quality Schools to use the site as they create industry-leading content.

When I first took part in launching our website, I had no idea how many layers and facets were involved. Laura helped clarify each and every part from design to function. She is not only knowledgeable about the technical aspects of web design but also, a mentor for our business. She is a great teacher and is able to guide the strategic thinking and planning process which keeps the continuous improvement cycle engaged. I have learned so much from her and will continue to learn more!
Melissa Lambert

Fostering Quality Schools

The Results

Fostering Quality Schools is off to a fantastic start. They are quickly growing in notoriety as they serve their customers with top-notch content.

Fostering Quality Schools Homepage Screenshot