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You want your business to grow, but where do you start?

Maybe a new website will do the trick. Maybe an expensive marketing campaign. But perhaps you’ve tried these things and you’re still frustrated. Too often the pieces don’t fit together and the results are hit-or-miss.

You need a cohesive strategy, a plan that incorporates all of your marketing efforts as well as your business decisions. But this plan also needs to be clear, not bogged down by business jargon. Everyone–from customers to employees to marketers to executives—needs to know exactly what you do and why.

StoryBrand exists to help companies clear things up. “If you confuse, you’ll lose,” we like to say. But if you take the time to understand your story, create a strategy to support it, and express that simple message in the marketplace, you will succeed and grow.

We’ve seen it happen, again and again and again.

On DATE, four Certified StoryBrand Guides, with a range of specialties, will present the StoryBrand pitch in an invitation-only Zoom meeting. From high-level strategy to web development to copywriting, they will help you see the possibilities for your company. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and perhaps arrange a follow-up consultation with one of the guides.

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The StoryBrand Phenomenon Reaches the Northeast U.S.

StoryBrand, a company founded by Donald Miller, bestselling author of Building a Story Brand
and Marketing Made Simple, has helped many thousands of companies focus their work and
clarify their message. Based in Nashville, StoryBrand also trains marketers and certifies some
(like us) to implement its marketing principles. The result: businesses that thrive with compelling
stories and effective strategy.

While StoryBrand is very popular in other areas of the U.S., it has yet to catch fire in the
Northeast. We hope to change that. By introducing you to this proven method, we’ll help you get
a step ahead of your local competitors.

For more on the StoryBrand company, click here.

The Guides of StoryBrand NorthEast

Deb Thompson has successfully coached and worked with dozens of business teams over the past 20 years and knows their challenges first-hand.

Her career began at HP, IBM, and 3Com, evaluating and running worldwide technology start-ups during a time of exponential growth. From there, pursuing her passion for small- and middle-market companies, she started her own business in fractional business management.

Deb presently works with more than 30 extraordinary New England businesses as a Certified EOS implementer, ICF Certified Coach and StoryBrand Guide. She empowers leadership teams to bring about lasting change.

When she isn’t working, Deb volunteers her time at Babson College (Rated #1 in the US for Entrepreneurship), where she is a Senior Fellow and Leadership Award recipient. Her coaching program supports the business growth and development of the many newly emerging ventures launching in the Babson Accelerator Program.

Deb Thompson

Based in: Boston area

Specialty: Strategic coaching, EOS


Ben Berman has helped hundreds of business leaders with high-level strategy. First, he scaled and sold multiple companies himself. He then set out to help other businesses, which he spends 100% of his professional life now doing. Ben is a multiple record-holding Certified EOS
Implementer who has led hundreds of Leadership Team Coaching sessions, paving the way to phenomenal growth. Still, he saw that many of these companies were hamstrung by confusing, disorganized, ineffective marketing. 

Now, as a Certified StoryBrand Facilitator, Ben has devoted himself to bringing together the fundamental tools leaders need. No more marketing that just seems to sputter and disappear. Ben’s clients see their marketing hum the way it was really meant to—and enjoy every second of it.

Ben is trusted by companies ranging from startups to $500+ Millions. His decade-plus obsession with fueling companies’ growth engines give him a deep understanding of what every client is going through and hundreds of success story insights to pull from.

Talk with Ben if you want someone who is going to get you from where you are to where you want to be: enjoying real results. 

Ben Berman

Based in: New York City

Specialty: Sales Enablement, Marketing Consulting, Growth Strategy, and EOS


Randy Petersen gave wings to my thoughts,” said one client. This veteran writer has built a reputation on his ability to help people figure out what to say and how to say it. Besides his hundreds of blogs and articles, Randy has written more than 60 books, many of these co-authored with people who had an important message to share but needed help defining and refining it. Now a Certified StoryBrand Guide, he helps companies tell their stories in clear, compelling ways.

With a Master’s in theater and experience as an actor, director, and playwright, Randy is well-equipped to shape the dramatic arc of your company story.

Randy Petersen

Based in: Philadelphia area

Specialty: Messaging consulting; copywriting


Laura Phaladi loves to help businesses grow. As a marketing consultant, business coach, and website designer, she has been energizing small businesses for the past 14 years. Her small agency builds websites and other marketing collateral her customers need. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide, she creates tools that reflect the unique, authentic value an organization brings to the marketplace. As a Business Made Simple Coach, Laura helps companies develop strategies that set them apart in the marketplace.

In 2010, Laura left corporate America to pursue a longtime desire to serve abroad. Between 2010 and 2019, Laura lived and worked in the Middle East, the UK, and Sothern Africa. These experiences have given her an appreciation for communication styles across different cultures, which now helps her coach a wide range of companies in the best ways to reach their customers. She still serves clients on 3 continents.

Laura Phaladi

Based in: Lancaster, PA

Specialty: Business coaching, marketing strategy, web development