Here’s to 2020

Jan 2, 2020

It’s a new year, and I have one resolution. I will write daily (or week-daily, most likely). Since having kids, I haven’t written much. There’s not much margin in my life. I have lots more content, but much less time. But this year, that will change. I plan to write about a variety of subjects. Some will be personal, some will be business-related. I plan to categorize them, and it’s not my plan that they will all be found in the same place.

This New Year feels significant. In January 2010, I set out on an international trip which I expected would lead me to my calling. The last ten years have been very different than I expected. They have been full of travel, living abroad, marriage and child-rearing. My passion for business, love for international people and life, love of God and the Chruch, and many other things, remain.

We moved to the States six months ago, as of today. Rebuilding our lives on a new continent has been more difficult than I expected. It has been more difficult for my husband to transition his career than we thought it would be. We’ve had some wonderful wins along the way, but our transition has lasted this whole year and is not over yet. We are tired and ready to know what to do long-term.

I look forward to working this year. I truly love serving my customers. I look forward to continued opportunities to learn and anticipate growth for customers. Otherwise, I look forward to growing in my relationship with my husband, seeing my girls grow, and being close to family. There are many unknowns ahead and I look forward to seeing how the year comes together!