Growing Pains

Apr 26, 2021

Did you have growing pains as a child? I did. My bones would ache. I can feel the pain when I think about it.

Since I’m in the business of growth, I’ve been noticing the parallels in business. I’m seeing customers need to adapt from worrying about a lack of customers to suddenly stretching to put processes in place to keep up with a growing business. It’s exciting but hard.

My business is there too. Until recently, I’ve been able to manage most of my company’s work on my own. I can’t anymore. It’s a wonderful problem to have, as long as I’m willing to grow with my business. I have to grow from a doer into a manager, which feels more like a metamorphosis than simply sizing up.

If I can do it successfully, my clients will win big. So will some really excellent teammates who have the skills my customers need. I’ll win too, knowing my company can do what I could never do by myself.

I’m excited, but I’m really scared too. I finally know how to be a caterpillar. Am I ready to become a butterfly?