Website Walkthrough

The Problem

Our client infoFluency, specializes in delivering actionable business intelligence through interactive dashboards. However, their existing website lacked the modern appeal and functionality necessary to effectively showcase their expertise and attract potential clients. They needed a revamped website that not only captured their brand essence but also communicated their value proposition clearly to visitors, encouraging them to engage with their services.

The Solution

Our approach was to design a website that seamlessly integrates interactive elements and visually engaging dashboards. We employed a contemporary color scheme and intuitive navigation. We aimed to streamline the user journey, making it effortless for visitors to explore the company’s offerings and understand the benefits of partnering with them for their data analytics needs.

The Result

We delivered a revamped website that exudes professionalism and innovation, perfectly aligning with our client’s brand identity. The new website not only showcases the company’s capabilities but also shows visitors the transformative potential of their data analytics solutions. infoFluency now boasts a digital presence that effectively communicates their unique value proposition, positioning them as a trusted partner in the landscape of business intelligence.

Homepage – Before

Homepage – After