Website Walkthrough

The Problem

Get Your Book Done empowers aspiring writers to bring their stories to life and navigate the complexities of the publishing journey. They needed a website and brand message that effectively communicates their unique approach and the transformative impact they offer and not only showcased their coaching services but also resonated deeply with their target audience, inspiring them to embark on their writing journey.

The Solution

We worked closely with the client to refine their brand messaging, ensuring clarity and resonance with their audience. With this refined messaging, we re-designed a visually captivating website that conveys the essence of transformation and creativity. Through compelling storytelling, we aimed to guide visitors on a journey of empowerment, encouraging them to take the first step towards realizing their literary dreams.

The Result

The new website captures the essence of the transformational journey our client facilitates through her expertise. From personalized coaching programs to valuable resources and success stories, visitors are greeted with a wealth of information and encouragement to embark on their own writing journey. The revamped website not only positions our client as a trusted mentor but also cultivates a vibrant community of passionate storytellers united by their shared love for creative expression and personal growth.

Homepage – Before

Homepage – After